My wife is far too good for me, and I'm the luckiest guy on earth.I like hunting and fishing--and I'm pretty bad at both. I taught myself to fly-fish by watching YouTube videos and to this day have never caught a fish with one. Alright, so I have but it was a stocked pond of tiger trout and I went there only because I knew they'd literally bite anything.

I have a degree from Utah State University in English with an emphasis in Technical and Professional Writing. The beautiful thing about USU is that it's at the mouth of Logan Canyon. Logan Canyon was an amazing place to go fishing, hunting, paintballing, floating tubes, hiking, biking, camping, motorcycling, spelunking, rock climbing, and sun-burning. And I did it all.

My beautiful wife and I met there, got married, and then we moved to Colorado and had twins. I don't fish and hunt as much. And by as much... I pretty much mean I still have ammo from 2015 and my rifles are all really, really clean.

Seriously though...I'm a full-time Drupal Developer at CU Boulder, and I know a great deal about what you can do with web development. However, I am a writer at heart and still love using a semicolon the way it's supposed to be used... as a... uh, well you know... something better than a comma, I think. Right? Something like that.

Anyway, I help you write great content--content that we can be proud of--and I also offer a shoulder to cry on. But I'd have to say that my best quality, the one that sets me apart, is my knowledge of content management systems and how best to cheat, play, fix, or steal from them to get you the best outcome possible.