Content Writing for Web Design Agencies

Get paid faster for your website projects

Want to get paid faster for website projects? How about avoiding scope-creep, missing deadlines, and wasting development hours?-

Content is the biggest stalling point in website projects. Yes, the client says they're going to do it, but they don't and now you're stuck and they usually blame your team.

Hiring a content agency to circumnavigate those treacherous times can make your team look great while taking the stress off of your clients.

Even if the website is only stalled for one week. If you have two people working 8 hours a day for those 40 hours (talk about burnout) at any average salary (let's low-ball and say 30k) that's still roughly $1153.85 that your clients spent on content.

Oh, and there's cms training. Even with wordpress, it takes training to use a cms to publish content. And writing for the web is a different skillset than writing business inquiries, news reports, or even emails.

We set your agency free as we already write for the web, use CMSs, interview subject-matter experts, and meet deadlines. Welcome to no-stall content management, the technical side of content management where things move alongside your development and design team.

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Not sure what a content writer can deliver?

Here's a short list:

  • Interviews of subject-matter experts
  • CMS mastery
  • HTML/CSS knowledge
  • Page design
  • Information architecture expertise
  • Content lifecycle plans
  • Website style guide writing
  • Training documents, screencasts, and one-on-one training

The next time your agency takes on a new client, ask them if they'd like to add content as a service to their project and then call me. Stop missing launch dates because people don't respect the effort it takes to get relevant, authoritative content done and done well.And if you're about to write a response to an RFP, please--for the love of everything good and holy--hire someone (anyone) to proofread that for you. You don't want your first communication piece to a prospective client to be riddled with spelling and grammatical errors anymore than I want this homepage copy to have one.

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