Agency Assistance

There are many services we can offer agencies. Not the least of which is content writing and editing services. However, there are other pieces you might overlook that I can assist with.

Proposal, News Releases, and Blog Post Proofreading

For $11/page (up to 500 words), we'll proofread those pesky proposals that must be so carefully written. Responding to a Request for Proposals (RFPs) can be a time-consuming process for your team. Make sure your hard work isn't undone by small grammatical errors and typos.

Content Writing and Editing for Clients

That's right, you subcontract the content work to me and I work directly with your client to get their pages written, edited, and researched for SEO. This can include Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and even SERPs set up and configuration.

Website Documentation Help

Building a new website, or even transitioning clients to a new CMS can have massive amounts of changes. Let me keep track of those changes for you. I can write style guides, content strategy plans, and any other documentation needs your client may require.

CMS Training Materials

Training clients to use a new CMS should be thorough and well-planned. I can write and produce screencasts, written tutorials, and even craft training courses for your clients. And if your team makes major changes, I can update and maintain those documents so your clients are prepared for the future of the site.


Need something that's not on my list? Contact me directly and see what I can offer your agency. Don't let content crowd out your deadlines ever again.

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